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CompuServe's Court Reporters Forum
CompuServe membership NOT required. No fees. Comments below.

National Court Reporters Assn. Online Forum
Small fee. Membership in NCRA not required. Comments below.

Use the One-Look Dictionaries search engine to search for definitions in hundreds of standard and specialized dictionaries at the same time.

Use the Merriam-Webster search engine to look up definitions when you have absolutely no idea how to spell the word, and you want the dictionary to conduct a phonetic search. This search engine also has a phonetic and wildcard-searchable thesaurus.

The Acronym Finder page will make short work of defining those acronyms.
(See the Internet Research Sites for Court Reporters page for other acronym sites.)

Use the All-on-One Yellow/White Pages Search Engines to conduct searches using various Yellow & White Page search engines. These powerful search engines use different databases, so what you don't find using one engine, you may very well find using another.

Use the LawGuru search engine to access a huge collection of legal search engines that allow you to conduct research on hundreds of legal topics and subjects. Note: When you use this search engine, "Back" on your browser will not work; click on "Return to" on the LawGuru page.

The Internet Research Sites for Court Reporters page contains over a hundred powerful Internet research sites for court reporters and wordsmiths.

CompuServe's Court Reporters Forum, which you can access without being a member of CompuServe, is an invaluable resource for court reporting professionals. Whether you want to ask, "Which laptop is the best?" or "Should a semicolon be used this way?" or "Where can I find a good scopist or proofreader?" or "Does anyone have a good asbestos index?" you're very likely to find the answers on the Court Reporters Forum.

Click here or on the link above to access the CRF. If you are not a CompuServe member, a screen will come up that will allow you to sign in using an AOL screen name, an Instant Messenger screen name, OR you can click on the button that says, "New User? Get your free Screen Name now. It's free and easy!" Choose a screen name, a password, and you'll quickly be making new friends and interacting with your fellow professionals.

Access to and membership in the CRF is absolutely free. You will not be solicited to join Compuserve, and you will not receive unsolicited E-mail from Compuserve. Come and go as you like, with no obligation whatsoever. It's win-win all the way.

The National Court Reporters Assn. Online Forum has a good collection of subject-specific sections where reporting professionals (reporters, scopists, and proofreaders) discuss and debate the issues of the day, share information on technical issues, and generally give the English language a dandy workout. A great resource for anyone involved in the business of court reporting.

The dictionaries and research sites gathered together here lead to tens of millions of references on the topics that you look up the most often.
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